The fitness industry is ever changing and (at its best) is always looking to learn from and incorporate different sports and forms of movement. Boxercise thus evolved from boxing training; Pilates originated with the Contrology programme developed by Joseph Pilates; and Freestyle Fitness Yoga takes a contemporary approach to an ancient format, targeting flexibility, core stability and strength. Other popular ‘crossover’ classes include Bootcamp (based on British Army training principles), Spin Cycling (which simulates road racing and mountain biking on stationary vehicles), and Aqua (which moves traditional aerobics into the swimming pool).

After many years of teaching high-impact aerobics and step aerobics, I felt that my mind and body were both in need of further challenges. After retraining in Boxercise, Kick Boxercise, Modern Pilates, Fitness Pilates, and Freestyle Fitness Yoga, I’m more convinced than ever of the benefits of a well-balanced exercise programme – not only for the young, but also for older adults who want to maintain their independence and health. We all need to engage in activities that include the following: some form of aerobic exercise (walking, cycling, running, etc.); muscle strengthening (either with weights or one’s own body weight, as in some of the more strenuous forms of yoga such as power yoga and Ashtanga); and flexibility, coordination and balance (notably Pilates and all forms of yoga).

It’s never too late to start getting fit. If you’re not sure where to begin, go along to the Positive Lifestyle Training Studio in Gosforth, Newcastle, and either sign up for one of my classes or hire a personal trainer. You’ll be whipped into shape in no time! If you’re pretty fit already, live in the North East of England and are considering teaching, then have a look at the wide range of courses on offer at Absorb Fitness. Kim and Stephen will be happy to help you turn a leisure activity into a satisfying career.

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