The final strand of my work is around identity, images and representation (images). An early focus on racial identity, representation and nationalism in South Africa resulted in a number of articles as well as my first monograph, Domination, Resistance and Social Change in South Africa: The Local Effects of Global Power (Praeger: 1992). My second monograph, Creating Boundaries: The Politics of Race and Nation (Lynne Rienner: 1996) extended the spatial scope of the investigation to include Great Britain and Australia as well as South Africa.

I have gradually became interested more generally in how Africa has been represented in the West. After working with David Campbell and DJ Clark in 2005 on the Imaging Famine project, I have written papers addressed to the question of how western NGOs visually represent the majority world – both in a wide range of activities and in campaigns specifically around climate change. The key recent themes are representation (see “An Extension of Colonialism?“), humanitarianism (see “Imaging Humanitarianism: NGO Identity and the Iconography of Childhood“) and vulnerability (see “Imaging Vulnerability: The Iconography of Climate Change“).

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